A new Landing Page for Medison GmbH

Medison GmbH is a HR-Tech Start-Up which wants to increase collaboration, transparency and flexibility in the medical job market. I had the pleasure to create a new homepage for them.

In this project I had the task to design and develop a website for Medison GmbH. This also included the creation of illustrations for it. I was free to chose a back-end for the website, so I chose the back-end I was most familiar with called Grav CMS.

The process started, as usual, in a new Figma Draft. Medison asked for a bright, clean, modern, and professional looking website which emphasizes the connection to medical professions. I created two rough drafts and we stuck then with the second one. Here, I started to add more details and then further iterated over smaller details until we ended with version the team of Medison GmbH was happy with.

Then came the whole development process. Where I further integrated feedback to the UI. Soon we had a final website, the only thing still missing were illustrations.

With the illustrations, I started with sketching some initial ideas on paper. But chose not to integrated feedback on the paper versions but rather directly in the final illustrations created in Affinity Designer. I did so because iterating over different feedback was easier on a computer version than on paper.

First sketch of the hero illustration

The final website was published on June 10, 2020 on medison.ch.

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