A new Landing Page for Medison GmbH

Medison GmbH is a HR-Tech Start-Up which wants to increase collaboration, transparency and flexibility in the medical job market. I had the pleasure to create a new homepage for them.

In this project I had the task to design and develop a website for Medison GmbH and create illustrations for it. I was free to chose a back-end for the website, so I chose the back-end I was most familiar with called Grav CMS.

The process start, as usual, in a new Figma Draft. Medison asked for a bright, clean, modern, and professional looking website. I iterated over created two drafts and we stuck with the second one. Here I further iterated over smaller details until we ended with version the team of Medison GmbH was happy with.

Then came the whole development process. Where I further integrated feedback to the UI. Soon we had a final website, the only thing still missing were illustrations.

With the illustrations, I started with sketching some initial ideas on paper. But chose not to integrated feedback on the paper versions but rather directly in the final illustrations created in Affinity Designer. I did so because iterating over different feedback was easier on a computer version than on paper.

First sketch of the hero illustration

The final website was published on June 10, 2020 on medison.ch.

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